Dr.Philip Shields RN BA Nursing (H1) PhD.
I research clinical informatics in order to understand nursing clinical processes.
My 35 year working life has been consumed by two polar-opposite roles. The first role is in the electronics/IT domain and the second role, front-line health.

In my health career, I was a rural/remote paramedic, a front-line nurse, and now, a researcher.
In the electronics/IT role, I prototyped military robotic technology and administered large networks.

The two halves of my working life have placed me in a unique position to explore the emerging nursing clinical informatics discipline. I explore, and bridge, uncharted ground between the two worlds of IT and health.

Here, I showcase some semantic technologies I am experimenting on.
The site was constructed 'from-scratch' with an initial idea, that is, to make semantic technologies do useful things.
To this end, the site contains five demonstrations which include an amalgam of technologies such as: Tomcat, Java, Apache, Lucene, RDF, logic reasoning and OWL-DL ontologies all working together to:

1) Do simple searches in an ICD-10AM ontology
2) Use an artificial intelligence reasoner to infer new patient knowledge in a synthetic hospital ward
3) Suggest new words from the nursing terminology ontology in nursing patient notes
4) Use FHIR to add and display patient details
5) A community nurse list generator

PS...After a string of global disruptions, I'm looking for a home. Contact me if your Australian/UK hospital/university has an opening for an educator/researcher!