Welcome to nursing informatics!

The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) provides a classification of standard and agreed upon clinical words which may improve nursing communication across health services.
The ICNP improves communication because there is no confusion about the meaning of it's words, that is, the ICNP provides words that have an 'agreed upon' meaning.

So, having a collection of words with distinct meanings is good, but how can we use ICNP words in day-to-day nursing practice?

The object of this survey is to help us answer two questions:
1) Can we suggest ICNP words in place of words in day-to-day nursing notes?
2) How well do the suggested ICNP words 'fit' as a replacement for the original words?

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) web application presents you with a random nursing note about an unnamed patient.
You and the web application read the note. You obviously understand the note from the patient's perspective and the web application understands words in the note that match words in the ICNP.

When you push the 'continue' button, the application reads the note and suggests ICNP words that may replace words in the note.
The suggested ICNP words may be 'applicable' or 'not applicable' in the context of the note.

So, your job is to rank the applicability of suggested ICNP words.
This application's job is to suggest words, calculate your selections and figure out if there are any more combinations of words that may be useful in the ICNP. It is a busy little bee.